Clonazepam Dosage Panic Disorder

29. november 2011 at 10:47

Related article: 2 Glutose 15, oral glucose gel 15 gm tubes 2 Ammonia Inhalants Amps V-10 23 HOUR PROGRAM To obtain meds for new physician orders: NO SAMPLE MEDICATION USE WITHOUT PHARMACY OVERSIGHT WITHIN THIS UNIT. A) During normal operating hours (M-F; 8 am -3:45 pm). Fax order to pharmacy and pharmacy will deliver a plastic safety capped vial with a 48 hour supply of bulk medication. Since the consumer can only remain in the hospital for 23 hours, this two day supply of medication will serve as both unit med and a 24 hour supply of discharge meds. B) During evening hours, 3:45PM � 8AM, Sunday Night thru Thursday Night, the nurse will fax the order to the pharmacy and obtain the meds from the night cabinet. Please remove only the meds you must have for the night doses only. All AM doses will be delivered the next morning at 8:45AM. The meds removed from the night cabinet must be given to the pharmacy courier on the 8:45AM delivery. A labeled plastic vial with the directions and the proper quantity will be returned to Clonazepam Dosage Panic Disorder the unit on the 11:15AM delivery. There is one Clonazepam Dosage Panic Disorder exception to this procedure. If the consumer is to be discharged prior to 11:15AM, you must keep the med which will be used as his/her discharge med supply. C) During the evening hours, weekends, and holidays (3:45PM Friday thru Sunday), fax the order to the pharmacy and obtain the meds from the night cabinet. If the consumer is discharged before the pharmacy opens, the physician will have to dispense the night cabinet meds bags to the consumer for their discharge meds. These bags generally contain a three (3) day supply of medication. Thus, Clonazepam Dosage Panic Disorder the consumer will be receiving a two day supply of discharge medication. We will supply blank labels for the physician to instruct the consumer Clonazepam Dosage Panic Disorder as to dosage and times of administration. (The physician, not the nurse, must do this since it is considered dispensing.) Transfers: If the consumer is transferred from the 23 hour program to another ECRH unit (i.e. AMH), please transfer the medication with the consumer. No bulk medication (Not unit dose) can be returned to stock and must be destroyed therefore to avoid waste, it must be used on the receiving unit. Floor Stock: There will have to be a minimal amount of floor stock on the 23 hour unit since over the counter, controlled meds, and injectables are not stocked in the night cabinet. This will be kept to a minimum if possible. If a consumer is discharged after operating pharmacy hours and is on a controlled substance or over the counter product which has not yet been dispensed by the pharmacy, the physician will have to obtain any discharge meds from the floor stock supply and must sign out the floor stock �pink card� for controlled meds. Again, empty bags and blank labels will be supplied for such occurrences. The two most important points for the successful operation of this procedure: 1) Meds removed from the night cabinet must be returned to the pharmacy on the 8:45AM delivery and 2) If the consumer will be discharged before the 11:45AM delivery, the night cabinet meds must be held on the unit and will serve as the discharge meds. NOTE: We do not normally supply medical drugs for discharge, but if bulk meds (Not unit dose) have been dispensed, they should be given to the consumer since they cannot be returned to stock. SECTION VI: EAST CENTRAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL MEDICATION FORMULARY A & D TOPICAL DRESSING Ointment: 60 gm tube ABILIFY See Aripiprazole ACETAMINOPHEN (Tempra, Tylenol) Susp: 160 mg/5 cc Supp: 650 mg Clonazepam Dosage Panic Disorder Tablets: 325 mg ACETAMINOPHEN WITH CODEINE (Tylenol #3) C III Tablets: 325 mg with 30 mg codeine ACETAZOLAMIDE (Diamox) Tablets: 250 mg ACETIC ACID 2% aluminum acetate/acetic acid (Domeboro Otic) ACNE FACE CREAM (Acnomel) Cream: 30 gm Tube ACTIFED See triprolidine with pseudoephedrine ACTOS See pioglitazone hcl ACYCLOVIR Capsule: 200 mg Ointment: 5% ADDERALL CII See amphetamine esters ADRENALIN See epinephrine ADVAIR See fluticasone prop/salmetrol
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